Shmupmame version 3.0

January 19, 2011

Shmupmame 3.0 is finally released, it is based on Mameplus! 99.
Get it here

Major changes:
-The Yagawa raizing games (Garegga, Batrider and Bakraid) are finally lagless, I used a completely different method to fix this which was orders of magnitude more complex than the usual lagless fix, I will make a post soon detailing how it has been done. With this patch the games have one less frame of lag, which makes them perfectly playable in mame (finally), only Bakraid which was laggier still isn’t as tight as one could hope


-The Cave pgm emulation is now backported to mame99 using the new romset conventions (as of mame 141), I also modified the sound driver and the improvement is very noticeable compared to the mame141 driver.


-A total of 16 completely new lagless drivers See the Changelog for the complete list.


-Fixed Elevator Action Returns so that the lighting during the game works properly, shooting lights etc. will make rooms go dark as it does on pcb, it seems like a minor fix, but this effect is used a lot during the game and was sorely lacking.


-Added Sagaia (UK) a game which is not in mame, sent to me by a UK collector. It is in fact a remixed version of Darius 2!, take a look at the first level


-Backported some interesting stuff to mame99, namely the Seibu SPI fixes, which are now fully playable, I also included nvram files for Raiden Fighters 2 with all the fighters unlocked. I also backported TGM2 to mame 99, somewhat ironic considering it was first added in mame at version 99u3 and then immediately removed only the resurface in mame 129. Worthy of note is the fact that I used the old mame way of dealing with the idle loop in the psikyo sh games which means TGM 2 can run very well even on slow computers with that version (not so with new mame).


-Included Various volume and panning fixes, some games had audio clipping because the volume was to loud (DPP is a good example), some games had wrong balance (Strikers 2 for example had it’s music way too quiet) and some games should have been mono and were not (like Gundhara). About a dozen driver were modified that way

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