Introducing Shmupmame 4

January 24, 2013

Shmupmame 4 is out, now based on Mameplus 0.148
Get it here

It’s been a while, but I finally got around to making a full featured current (0.148) version of shmupmame, the main goal is to have a version that everyone can use and that can pretty much replace all previous versions. It comes in both console and GUI flavors, it is built on top of mameplus which means it has built-in autofire support and custom buttons. It is based on mame 148 so all the “new” stuff (Batsugun, V-five, Dodonpachi 2 Bee Storm) is in and lag reduced. This version should work no matter what your windows version is.

Over the years mame has become quite a monster. Version 0.148 has 28,403 sets! and the vast majority of these are not “arcade games” in any
way shape or form. This caused a few problems namely that the UI version took forever to load due to the massive amount of “useless” sets.
So I removed all the sets that fell into these categories:
-Fruit Machines
-Mechanical (no display) “games”
-Gambling/Casino “games” (video poker etc)
-Pinball machine chips
-The Mahjong only drivers
-Drivers without a single working game

The end result is that this version has “only” 7,300 sets instead of the 28,403 (of Mame 0.148), Has a much leaner binary and takes a lot less time to fire up.

Here are some shmups that weren’t in past shmupmame versions:

Good shooting!

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