Shmupmame 4.2 coming very soon.

February 9, 2013

There were some leftover Direct3d bugs in shmupmame 4 so I took some time to fix them up and everything is working very well now.

A week ago or so, I decided to take another look at namco system 1 (a still laggy driver even after spritebuffer removal) and realized it has a MCU to process input, investigated a bit and realized that I could make the input ports available to the CPU faster by sending them to shared ram instead of letting the MCU do it. Result is one less frame of lag for all games on namco system 1, then I decided to try something similar for namco system 2 and it worked…

So pushing the idea a little further I decided to check some other still laggy shmups to see if it was possible to feed the CPU the input port values a bit faster. This is basically a new way to reduce input lag that doesn’t have any disadvantage (unlike the removal of sprite buffers).

There are a few games that have been fixed this way and will all be included in 4.2, which should be released in a few days.


More info soon

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