Common Issues

-If you have a 360 pad or stick, use the XBCD drivers instead of the default ones


-Shmupmame 3 is based on mame 99, many games will need older roms, which are very easy to find. Please do not inquire for roms on this board, this is not the place.


-The only games which require newer roms are the Cave PGM games (requires current roms, 141) and raiden fighters 2


-for the aspect ratio problems just specify your monitor aspect ratio in the advanced tab.


-The 0xc000005 error can be fixed by adding the program to the DEP exception list:

Configuring DEP Exceptions in Windows Vista (and win7):
1.Click the Start button => Control Panel => System and Maintenance => System.
2.Choose Advanced System Settings. Further actions require Administrator permission. To continue you need to enter the Administrator password or confirm your actions if you operate as the Administrator.
3.In the window that opens under Performance click Settings.
4.Click the Data Execution Prevention tab (along the top), and choose “Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select”.
5.To disable DEP for an individual program click Add, find the executable ( .exe) file for the program
and then click Open.
6. Click Apply to save changes.

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